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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 4, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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an overnight stabbing in the city. how many murders baatimmre has seen? jusin just one week. [ inaudible ] trouble finding witnesses after a deadly accident. why the family is blaming city hall. a chuckle a day keeps the doctor away? just how good laughter really is for your health. ú-it's friiay, june 4th, -ou're taking a live look there at the oil spill gushing from that offshore site innthe gulf of mexico. we're going to give you he latest on the efforts to cap that pipe that is leaking the oil and we're going tootalk with
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a congressman today who has been down there and has seen what is happening firsthand and is back to report abouttit. it's friday around here and because it'ssfriddy that means it's your turn to sound off on you want.ook page about anythin3 let us know what is on your mind anddyour response could air on our facebook ffedback segment. the first two fox 45 fans to post the cood word on the %-prizee wall will win a ggeat just go to to become a fan and join the conversation. and let's ffnd out how the weather is ooking like for the meteorologist steve fertig is ú%ee. it's hot. >the chance for an afternoon or evening thunderstorm popping up as a result. take a ook at what we have have right noo. we o have the showers and
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-hunderstorms moving through yesterday. right now still humid but not looking at active weather at thisspoint in time. this aaternoon it could be a story as thunderstorms are possible to pop up. a better chance in the evening as the frontal boundary that is to the north sags toward the south and toward us, that will be the story thunderstorms possible. 72 right now in baltimore, 71 in d.c. and we're getting to, it's only dropped to 70 degrees the overnight period. look for today to get up 99 degrees for the hiih3 temperure, once again a hot and humid day with the thunderstorm chances. now candace dold is here ith a look at the traffic edge. good morning, candace. >> reporter: good morning, steve. we did start with a trouble. there's a car into aabuildiig at utah place at north avenue..3 we will continue to keep you up-to-date as soon as weefind out more information. things are looking good traveling at the fort mchenry ú%iling both the northbound and
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-he southbound lanes. as for the beltway we're in the green across the board. the 95 anes from 95 to 83, 11 miiutes at 54 miles per hourr ú%d the same speed with an 8 8-minute drive from 83 to 799. nothing to get in the way from 795 to 95, 11 minutes at 55 miles per hour. that'' a look at morning travels. patrice, back over to you. 5:03 on fox 45 early edition. a man is left stabbed to death on the streets of north baltimore. this morning the search is on for his killer. megan gilliland is joining us from the ccty pleas headquarters where investigators are working on what has been a violent week. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. police here have their hands busy. this is thh 11th murder in just the last weekend. stabbed for deatt and eft for ú%ad. it happened aroond moravia park. police say the victim was
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pronounced dead at bay view center. at this point police have no suspects. as investigators search for this killer, they are working to cracc 10 other murders that happened on the memoriallday weekend across he city. killings might be coonected. they are were blocks away tr each other and within minutes from each ooher in northeast police say they are close to making an arrest in those two cases. the rest of the violence is not believed to be related. >> the police are doing their part to cover the city. we need people toodo their part. %-violations or, call police. it's going to save a life. >> reporter: for the year, the murders are down in the 96 this time llst year. that puts the city on pace to hit fewer than 200 murders and that woull be the first time since 1178.3 live from city police
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headquarters, megan gilliland, fox 45 early edition. murder chargee are pending against a harford coonty man suspected of beating his3 daughter to eath. it happened at edgewood. police say 24-year-olds keytan irons was align with th alone wd where they toookthe child to pediatrics where she died. >> we did see police officers at ththe end of the block but we didn't know what was going on. i'm so sorry. i play for the child and the family. >> doctors say shhmira had police say thhy stole $380,000 rom baltimore washington medical center. 58 years old margie milistat
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for the hospital, and would biú to a company in california which they are charged with fraud. the disccvery was made a few miles from wheee a mother nd daughter went missing on memorial day. the body wws found esteeday morning, the first victim was recovereddwednesday afttrnoon. crews had been combing the river since moonay. that is when ffmily members say drive-year-ol!!35years old olgao the riier and lost her footing. her daughter emily went after her. both were lost and authorities still have to identify the bodies. yesterday 35-year-old ron winkler plead guilty to the murder of shanila boone.3 her body was discovered in a parked car. lewinkler could spend his life n
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jail for the mmrder. took place during boone's death. a biker will nottface any charges. larry binskyydied after being in a car driven by fo!! fo frinsle. enough.3 >> shh was passing illegally and i don't know about er speed. about don't know about all the details but there's a lot of things that i believe she was doing illegally. i can't underssand why they wwuldn't do involuntary manslaughter. >> this year, lawmakers passed measures ordering drivers to keep a save distance from bicycle lifts, but violators would only be ticketed. the fight over pension inside baltimoreecity is going to court.
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the unions representing police and firefighters filed a class action lawsuit against the city yesterday. the suit claims there's under funding and mismanagement of the pension system. this news comes as baltimore tries to lightent a $121 milllon -eficit and the mayoo says it's a difficult situation. >> i'm disappointed thht the suitthas been filed, but we have tough decisions to make about the pension. i am absolutely from the bottom of my heart grateful for the serviie of our first responders. they deserve a dignified retiermm but it has to be one that the city can afford. >> the union and the cityymayor said ttey will continue to talk despite the lawsuit. soon you will be able to know who is behind the messages. the maryland board of eleetions wants to require candidates and political committees to clearly disclose the messages sent
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through social networking sites. they want to make sureethat they are not misled by those who creatt ake accounts imitating them. -p governor o'malley wants to take small steps to help businesses across the state. the goveenor has signed an a business commissioo.ill create the group will provide help for the companies. the governor says ssall business success will be an important element of rebounding from the recession. could last night's loss to the yankees be oriole's manager dave trembley last game. with the worst record, the orioles are expected to pull the plug with dave trembley as soon as the team president meets with him. if trembley ii fired, the 3rd coach s expected to take over on an interim basis. the players would like a decisioo at this point. >> sometimes they can come in and be distraction, but for
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the most part, you know, we ust got to go out there every day3 and come to the ballpark and prepare ourselves for ssccess and play the game hard. to lose his job aater last season but he was given another ú%ance. the team has lost 8 straight and 19 of its 22 games. %-majorssd is the worst in thh the man who was once thee3 prime suspect in the disappearance of natallie halloway is facing charges in %-this week van der sloot beeama suspect in the murder of a per iewfian after they were seen in a asino togetter. now they're ffcing fraud charges in alabaaa. he tried to extort $250,000 in return for disclosing the location of holloway's body. van der sloot was found not
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guilty in the murder of the alabama girl 5 years ago. marian lafferty reports that the u.s. state department is launching an investigation to find out how it happened. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton is calling for an investigaaion intt the deadly rate on a flo till labound for gaza. is real!!israel claimssthat thed jeers openesoldiers opened fireg attacked. >> we expect ttem onform an >> reporter: the activities %-aid to palace ti palestinians. prooesters in israel say the country has a right to defend itselff the raids led to tth death of nine people. among the dead is a 19 years old with dual u.s. and turkish
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citizenship. the presiient was notified of the american's identity.3 >> obviously, he expressed his deep condolences and we certainly express our deep condollnces to the family. >> reporter: the teen died of gunshot wounds but declined to chest at close 4 times meantime vice president joe3 biden appeared and defended the right for israel to inspect the3 ships. >> israel has the right to know. they are at war with ham as and has tte right to know whether or not guns are being smuggled in. >> with respect to gaza we aree3 evaluating the ways to expand the flow of humanitarian assistance to the peopll of gaza while protecting israel legit at this poinatthislegitimate secur.
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>> reporter: they are noo plaas to launch an investigation. the restaurant is warning. customers about drinking glasses sold to promote shrek forever after.3 contains a toxic metal that could enter the body if uuwashed hands come in contact with the mouth.3ú people should stop sing the glasses immediately. witnesses saw him die but no one is talkingg >> we take a closer look at the effects of baatimore's code of -ilence. and we have severe thunderstorm waaches and even wwrning last w# 3
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5:15 on this fridayymorning. we're checking out sky watth hdú radar because last evening it showers and thunderstorms pushing thhough especiallyú ww got thundersttrms st. maryys county. there couud be a lot of clouds and fog in spots.
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lightning strikes disappearing south. now we look at what is ahead and we see showers commng our way -ossibly this afternoon because of heeheat alone. also you see up to the north and west a liitle more activity in ú%e midwest region so that is ú%e area where we expect to see the severe weather today. let's take a look at what we have as far as the surface featurrs. there's he front with the troughhthat pushed through. it brought us the showers and thunderstorms yesterday. with the heat alone you see 4:00 this afternoon, could have pop up showers and thunderstorms, more isolated today. and most of tte activity is staying to the north and west and mostly to the north. weather today to the northwest out of our region. we will be watching that area. for us, it lookk like a chance for a couple of isolated showers -nd thunnerstorms today. again, as the next low pressure center moves in, it will be more seeing 2:00 seeing some activiiy in the central paat of the state, but it could be anywhere and continuing through the
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evvning hours and nto thh nighttime. more on theeway of unday as another low pressure centerú moves our way and we're talking about improvement on sunday and a little more comfortable and temperatures lowering then. the mid-point still in the it's going to be a humid day and will allow for the storm chances. aii temperatures 71 in d.c. andd72 in hagerstown, anooher mild to warm start. here is where we're headed from here, another hot day coming your way. 89 degrees on the eastern shoree but probably not until the daytime. and for the central part of the state, maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm later in the afternoon. 90 degrees for the high. another hot, humid day, to the thunderstorms, 87 degrees for the high. anddtonight, 70 degrees, not a milddnot or warm and humid still with a chance of ssowers and thunderstorms. i think the better chance comes tonight especially late night.3
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ú% we look ahead hrough thh day toddy, get up to 85 degrees, and -he mix of sunshine and cloods. 86 egreee, if you happen to be headed to camden yards, red sox -n town. beat the red sox. 84 degrees for the temperature game time. 7:05 and ttere's a chance for a pop up thunderrtorm. again keep an eye to the sky. 83 tomorrow, and 80 on sunday but still chance of and 81 looking good on monday pleasant through the rest offthe seven-day period. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday with temperatures all near 80 degrees. fox flie 45 sky watch weather is available aa you can use fox 45 powerful doppler raaar to track incoming interactive tools will let you see when rain or thunderstooms will be over your house. go to and clicú on iradarr we will get you the beach forecast in ust a bit. right now we will check in wwth candace dold. >> reporter: thanks, steve. we're talking about trouble in
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baltimore. there's a ar that is inno a building. itts into utah ppace at north avenue. we will continue to check on this situation for you. you do have a crew on the way to the scene. let's check at 395 at the here and there on both thesowers southbouud lanns and the nobody stretch up toward the beltway. 95 moving through baltimore county checking it out at whitemarsh boulevard forryou and here the soouhbound lanes getting a bittbusy but no brake lights to talk about. there's trouble, though, just inside that area, there's a car that is off the road and into -he woods. it's on westbound whitemarshh3 boulevard that is approaching bel air road. so far nn lane closures but again pplice are on the scene -here. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back to you. is your baddbaltimorr's best justtin time for torr's day tely
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tell us in 100 words or less why your dad is the best dad, send your entries to 2,000 west 41st3 we will pick the foor best entriessand those four dads will compete in the closest to the
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a nightmare for one area family. their brother was killed on city street filled ith people, but so far no one has come crime and justice reporter joy lepola talks with the family %-silence.imore's code of >> reporter: a family struggles as they plan thh3 funeral of a loved one. >> oh, my dad is in africa. he is on his way in he want. he wants to . >> reporter: messages rom around the world alfonso gave33 facebook page. he died tragically on a crowded street in baltimore city.
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>> this guy with the toddler came at him out of nowhere. ú% reporter: alffnso was riding a motorcycle attthe time. he knew full well what would happen if he didn't swerve. >> he had to do whatever hh ú%uld not to hit thaa baby. >> reporter: in sparing one >> reporter: tte accident happened over memorial day weekend. it was 5:00 on sunday. the streets were filled with %-forward with any infoomation. >> by then -- it's another person, you know. that's annther life. that's another accident and that is so inhumane. -lame baltimore's code of silence. it's stop snitching entality. na that is no life in their eyes. >> reporterr hen there's the family of the toodler who was dumped in an n alley.
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they're not talking. today a personal plea. >> you owe him that. >> reporter: until the peopll of baltimore staating, and the city's mayor cracks down on >> baltimore will be the city that people do not consider a part of maryllnd. a lot of people speak of baltimore, oh, that city with all of those -- and jobless people and crack scenes and it's a city that is stagnant. >> reporter: in greenbelt, joy lepola, fox 45 morning news. family members say hey stepped in to make sure camera phone video of the accident didn't make it on youtube. a baltimore county bishop ccarged with sexual assault. what police say led up to the3 but next airlines reported improvements in april. the areasswhere trav
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retail sales are up and your next flight will be less here is addm shapiro. the jobs marketed looking up. pay roll company abp saying the private sector added 55,000 jobs
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last month and the number of new unemployment claims falling for the second straight week. the big government jobs report for may comes out friday morning. retail sales thriving by more than 2.5%. that's compared to a lousy 2009. for stocks, the dow rising 5 points. may day for maytag. whirl pool recalliig 1.7 million dishwashers. some customers complaining that3 the machinns are over heatingú and even starting fires. airlines are reporting an 85% on time performance in april. that is much better than last year. carries also losing less luggage and receiving fewer ppasenger complaints. that's business. that's for flying us.ú -'m adam shh pi sha shapiro. a highway workkr killed. why the investigation ii open and
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